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Frog Who Wanted To Fly

Wow, I Can See The World Around Me

“Hey, bro. I want to fly like you. What should I do?” asked the frog to a bird.

“Ha, ha, you are a frog. You don’t have wings. With no wings, how can you fly?” the bird mocked the frog.

“Chrom, Chrom, Chrom,” the frog started crying at the bird’s mocking.

“Ok, ok, don’t cry. I can do one thing. I will take you on a trip around this mountain tomorrow morning,” the bird said.

“Chrom, Chrom, Crhom, the frog was excited, and got ready for his flying experience, and waited for the next day.

The Big Day!

The next day, the bird came as promised. She had a bag on its beak. The bird asked the frog to get inside the bag.

With the frog on its beak, the bird started flying. It was quite an experience for the frog, flying around the mountain. The flying frog could see many things under the sun which he had never seen before. The excited frog sang a frog song, Chrom, Chrom, Chrom.

After a few hours of flying, the birds landed at the same place where they had started. The frog was happy for the flying experience.

“I am too happy today. Let me reward you. Come with me,” the frog asked the bird.

The frog took the bird near the pond where the frog was living. There were a lot of worms, and the birds gulped one by one. The bird loved the worms. She thanked the frog for the delicious meal.

Both the bird and the frog became friends. Still the bird is taking the frog to different places on its beak. Have you ever spotted one?

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