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Elephant And The Bird's Nest

Please, stop doing that!

The elephant was shaking the tree by rubbing its body against it. It was the elephant’s favorite pastime to rub the tree to get rid of its itching body.

“Hey, what are you doing? Don’t disturb our peace of mind, Mr. Elephant. My babies are sleeping inside the nest, and my egss will fall down,” said the bird.

“Oh, I am sorry, Ms. I didn’t know that you have kids. I love kids. Can I see them?” asked the elephant.

“Sure, come back later after a few days. Then you can see them out of the nest, flying around,” said the bird.

“Oh, sure. I will come back. If you have any problem, please let me know. I will protect you and your babies,” said the elephant. The bird was happy.

The elephant left the place. After a few days, the elephant came to visit the bird again. The elephant could see little birds flying around.

When the mother bird saw the elephant, she introduced the elephant to her babies. She told her babies how the elephant helped the family by leaving that tree, and offering help. The little birds were happy, and thanked the elephant for his kindness.

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