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Never Share A Secret Like That!

Hey, Bear, I Have A Secret

“Hey, Mr.Bear, I have a top-secret to share with you. It’s about a honeycomb, I have spotted in a big tree. If you reach there before anybody else does, you can get the honeycomb. So, please hurry, get ready yourself and go and get your reward!” said the bird. The bear was very excited about what he just heard. He hurried towards the spot the bird told him. Reaching there, he saw several other bears looking at the honeycomb.

“Hey, what made you come here?” one of the bears asked. I got a piece of secret news told by my best buddy that there is a honeycomb hanging out in that tree,” the bear said pointing to the big honeycomb hanging from a big tree. “Is that a bluebird who shared the secret with you?” the other bear asked. “Yes, she is a bluebird today morning told me about this secret honeycomb,” the bear said. “Ha, Ha, Ha, all these bears have come here because that silly blue bird shared the same secret with everybody. Now there is going to be a fight to win the honeycomb,” said the other bear.

The bear went home disappointed. He doesn’t want to fight for a honeycomb. He saw the bluebird sitting on a branch of the tree. “Why what happened? Didn’t you get the honeycomb?” she asked. Thanks for your secret buddy, but next time don’t tell me a secret. If you tell me a secret, I will smash you,” the bear was angry with the bird. The bird didn’t seem to understand what was wrong with the bear. “These days helping others is not a good thing,” she said to herself.

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