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Don't Fight, But Help

It's mine!

Two bears saw a honeycomb hanging from the tree. They started an argument about who is the real owner of the honeycomb. “I saw this honeycomb tree first, so it belongs to me,” the big bear said as he pushed the small bear away. The poor small bear had no choice but to stay away from the big bear. 

There he goes, the big bear climbed the tree while the small bear was looking him from a distance. He was sad because he spotted it first and thought the honeycomb belonged to him. At the top of the tree, the big bear grabbed the honeycomb. It was so big that he couldn’t handle it. Here he comes down, slipped his grip on the tree and he fell from the tree. The small bear saw the big fall and came running to help him out. 

“No, I won’t give this honeycomb to anybody, stay away,” grumbled the first bear. “No, I don’t need the honeycomb. I came to you to help you to come out of the pit. If you don’t need my help, here I am going,” said the small bear. “Please don’t go, help me,” said the big bear. So the bear helped the big bear to come out of the pit.

The big bear was very sorry about his bad behavior and said sorry to the small bear. He even shared the honeycomb with the other bear. Both the bears enjoyed the honey and had a great time.

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