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Don't Worry, Mr.Bull

Bull And The Elephant

The mighty bull was raging with anger when the baby elephant saw him. “Hey, Mr. Bull, why are you so angry?” the baby elephant asked.

“I am angry for a good reason, those crazy lions are attacking us wherever they spot us. Our babies are caught by the cruel lions. Now we can’t even graze peacefully, worried about the attacking lions,” the angry bull said. “What are you going to do about it? Do you have any plans to avoid lion’s attack?” the baby elephant asked the bull.

“No dear, how can we compete against such strong lions,” we have to live with it, that’s the rule of the animal,” said the bull. Don’t worry, I help you out, come with me,” said the baby elephant. He took the bull to the top of a big mountain. He showed him a place where there was a green meadow. Be here with your friends. Nobody will harm you, because this is elephant territory. No lion would ever dare to come here to disturb you,” said the baby elephant. The bull was very happy about that offer, thanked the baby elephant for giving him that opportunity. He brought other bulls and cows to the green meadows and started to live there peacefully.

The next day the bull brought all his friends to the green meadow and they started peacefully grazing, and the elephants protected them from lions.