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This World Is Full Of Surprises

Glad To Meet You!

Hello kids, how are you? Let me introduce myself. I live in a zoo. I love this world because it’s full of surprises.  I get so many visitors to the zoo. I try to entertain my visitors by performing before them, dancing for the kids to make them laugh. They too dance with me. I love those kids who wave at me with their little hands, because they are cute and small, just like me. 

I was born in this zoo. This zoo has no other baby elephant. I enjoy full freedom to go anywhere I would like to go, which no other zoo animals have got. Being the one and the only one baby elephant in the zoo, I enjoy special privileges. I am often featured in the local daily.

I have so many friends here. Come with me I’ll show you around. Here Mr.Lion is taking some rest after his lunch. Don’t disturb him. Look at that, a tall giraffe trying to reach out the tallest tree in the zoo. The monkey is jumping one tree to another. He never comes down. This toy train roams around the zoo taking kids around the zoo.

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