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Come With Me For A Ride!

Hello Welcome To The Joy Ride!

Hi kids, Do you love train journeys? let me take you for a ride on this little train. You look surprised? I know what you might be thinking, You are just a monkey, how can you drive a train. I am going to drive this train, and being a monkey will not stop me from driving it.

You Are Here For A Big Surprise

I am sure that you all will enjoy your ride on this little train. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you, and you’ll enjoy riding along with me. You’ll see the most beautiful scenes along the way, green meadows, blue mountains, and the animals grazing here and there. I have not made even a single accident to this day. This little monster is powered by steam, which pushes down the pistons, and the wheels start rotating, moving the train, and here we go!

I love this little monster, a hard worker. He will pull us for a joyride. Come for the joy ride that you’ll always remember in your lifetime.



Take me for ride, Mr. Monkey

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