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Mouse King And The Elephant

How can you help me, dear?

“Somebody, please help! I have fallen into a deep hole,” the elephant screamed.

“Don’t worry, madam, I am here to help you out of the pit,” the elephant heard a feeble voice from the hole.

“Who’s there?” the elephant looked around and found a little mouse.

“Ha, ha, ha, you are a silly little mouse. How can you help me?” asked the elephant.

“Look, I am the mouse king. If you trust me, I can help you,” said the mouse.

“Ok, I trust you,” said the elephant.

The mouse called his army. There were thousands of them came marching.

“Friends, we have an important task before us. To help this poor elephant trapped inside this pit. Are you ready?” the mouse shouted.

“Yes, we are ready,” the reply of all mice echoed through the hole.

“Then let’s start working,” said the mouse. All mice started working, filling the hole with sand. After a few hours of hardworking mice, the hole filled, and the elephant was out of the hole smiling. The mouse thanked the mouse for the help the mouse team rendered.

Story Discussion

Lamia: That was a big help. Kudos!

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