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Back To School

Ready for the shcool

It was school days again in the jungle. It was Monday morning. All the animal kids were eagerly waiting for the school bus.

“You are too fat for this school bus. Come by walking,” other baby animals mocked a baby elephant and didn’t allow him into the bus. The bus driver Mocky Monkey also joined the kids in mocking the elephant kid and asked him to come by walking.

The elephant kid was in tears. The school bus left without him. He started walking to the school. After walking for a while, he saw a shocking thing.

The school bus that left without him lost control on a steep road and was rolling backward. Animal kids on the school bus were screaming in fear. The bus driver was trying hard to stop the bus. But all of his efforts couldn’t stop the bus.

The elephant kids sprang into action. With his head, it stopped the school bus from falling into the deep valley.

Everybody was off the bus and heaved a sigh of relief. The animals thanked the elephant kid for saving their life.

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