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The Dog Scaring An Elephant

You thief, stop there!

Oh, the silly dog is again after me. Whenever the dog sees me, the dog chases.

I don’t know how I’ll escape from this bad dog. The dog’s barking is so annoying. Shoe, shoe, dog, go away!

I can’t run anymore. The dog thinks I am a thief. But I have not stolen anything. All I did was pick some bananas from the garden. I thought nobody would see me. But this dog is so alert. What shall I do now?

Why the dog chasing the elephant? The dog is in charge of the banana plantation. He has to make sure that nobody steals the banana. He doesn’t care who the thief is! Even if it is an elephant, the dog is determined!

Story Discussion

Lilly: Hey, just turn around and chase the dog. That's it. You are so big an elephant. Why you fear?

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