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Hedgehog And Her Three Children

Where are you going guys?

A hedgehog had three children. She was very proud of her children. They were obedient to her mother. Whatever their mother asked them to do, they did. Every evening, mother and children go to find something to eat.

One day, a cow saw a mother hedgehog and her three children. The curious cow asked the mother where they were going.

“I take my children to train them to become good hedgehogs. They learn how to fool predators and save themselves. Thanks to God for our fur, it provides a strong defense against our predators. If some predators try to attack us, we use our fur to defend ourselves,” said the hedgehog.

Just then, a fox appeared from nowhere. The hedgehog children went into action mode. The fox tried to lay his hands on one of the hedgehogs cried in pain because of the hedgehog’s sharp quils. The fox ran away.

“You are a great mother,” said the cow. The hegehog smiled at her children and they walked away.

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