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The Unhappy Baby Lion

Why baby you are unhappy?

A turtle met a baby lion. The baby was angry with his parents because they didn’t take him for hunting. So he was sitting there with a grim expression on his face.

“Hey, baby, why are you unhappy?” asked the turtle.

“I am unhappy with my parents. Because, they didn’t take me hunting. I want to be a hunter,” said the baby lion.

“They didn’t take you for hunting for good reasons, baby. Firstly, you will get injured during the hunt. When you are grown up, I am sure that they will take you for hunting. Until then, wait,” said the turtle.

““Thanks, Mr. Turtle. Now I am happy again. I will patiently wait for the time they will take me for hunting,” said the lion and started playing around. The turtle smiled, and went its way.

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