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Never Poke A Hedgehog

What made you come here, Mr. Hedgehog?

A little hedgehog was visiting the countryside. It was a cute little animal. The hedgehog was a peace-loving animal. Ants were its tasty food. For breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the little hedgehog ate ants. The hedgehog had a lot of sharp sticks on its fur.

Who Is This Stranger Here?

The fox saw the porcupine and was curious about the little creature. The fox was known for his bullying activities on small animals, and everybody feared him.

“This animal is new here. Let me try to poke this creature and have fun,” thought the fox.

The fox came near to the little hedgehog and asked about him.

“I am a little hedgehog. I am here to visit the countryside,” said the hedgehog.

“I am a fox, strong and clever,” the arrogant fox introduced himself.

The fox poked the hedgehog by kicking him. As the porcupine was a peace lover, he didn’t do anything to the fox. But the fox continued his bullying. At last, the porcupine took all his sharp swords out.

The fox saw a new hedgehog with sharp swords spread all over his body and got frightened. The unexpected transformation of the hedgehog shocked him.

The fox ran away without looking back. The porcupine continued to eat ants and had a great time in the countryside.

After that incident, the fox never poked anybody.

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