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Lion's Hunting Lesson

Let's Hunt

The father Lion was training his kid on how to be good at hunting. “Look, my dear son, the secret of every successful hunting of a lion is proper planning. If you are not spending time planning, you are not going to achieve anything in life. Let’s do it step by step! The first step is to decide which animal you are going to catch. If it’s a deer, go to that place where deer are usually found. Once you spot the animal, wait patiently for the right time to strike. Don’t be distracted by anything around you,” said the lion.

“Wow, it’s so easy, I will catch one deer today,” said the lion cub. When we talk, it is easy, but when we do it, you will find how difficult it is,” the lion said to his son.

“One more thing you have to look out for is hyenas. They usually come if they sense that you have got something to eat. Don’t underestimate them, they come in a group, so the best way to avoid them is to get your stuff and leave the rest to the hyenas. Don’t fight with them,” the father lion said.

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