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Desert Is Where My Heart Is!

I Am In Love With These Sand Dunes Dude!

I love these sand dunes, the symbol of my endless freedom. After a wind storm, the sand dunes disappear and appear in another place in the desert. I can walk miles and miles through this desert without getting tired. Do you know my secret? I have a great capacity to hold water in my stomach. In one go, I drink several liters of water which is sufficient for days of desert walk in the desert.

Camel Baby Bodysuit  I know everything about this dessert. I have been living here for many years and never lost myself in the desert. I am proud that people depend on me to travel in the desert. I also go for desert safari as I have the strength to withstand extreme climate conditions. In my lifetime, I travel many thousands of miles, carrying people and goods to faraway places. I have been told that my ancestors have taken part in several great wars, but not anymore.

Story Discussion

Harry: The camel is a desert warrior..

Luke: A camel back safari is a most enjoyable one.

John: Camel is strong

Su: Desert makes the camel happy

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