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How To Deal With An Egg Stealer?

My Eggs, It's Time To Celebrate My Motherhood!

The bird laid her first batch of eggs. She was happy, celebrating her motherhood. For every mother bird, it’s a moment of truth, her first eggs. But with happiness comes a big responsibility too, the bird had to protect her eggs, watching out for egg stealers who are around her. These egg stealers come in different forms. Wild cats and snakes are her biggest nightmares.

“That fool bird thinks that she is the smartest bird. Let me show her who is the smartest, a bird or a snake?”

The bird had a strong nest on the rooftop. “Nobody can steal my eggs from my strong nest,” she thought. But she was completely wrong. A snake was closely watching everything the bird was doing. He laughed inside and thought it’s going to be the easiest task he had ever ventured to steal the bird’s eggs. He was just waiting for the right moment to steal those precious eggs of the bird.

One day, the bird was out of her nest to find something to eat. After a few hours, the yellow snake checked in. He saw nobody around, slowly moved towards the eggs. “That fool bird thinks she is the smartest bird. Let me show the silly bird who is the smartest, a bird or a snake?” he said to himself. But sometimes the plans may not work as planned, the snake grossly underestimated the bird.

Suddenly, something unexpected happened. The snake felt something is wrapped around him. The snake fell from the rooftop and died. What happened? The bird had installed a nice trap for the egg stealers with some steel wires she had collected for her nest. The trap was very cleverly placed that nobody will ever get a clue that there is a trap like that ever existed there.  Just before the snake touched the eggs, the trap got activated. 

When the bird came back she saw the dead snake. She knew that the snake had attempted to steal her eggs. She hurried towards the nest. All her eggs were safe. After a few weeks, her beautiful babies came out of the eggs. She thanked God for giving her, such nice babies.

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