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Ambitious Young Giraffe

I need to be taller!

It was a wonderful morning for the giraffes, the mother and her son grazing in the meadows.

“Mother, I want to be tall like you. When will I reach your height?” asked the ambitious young giraffe.

“Please be patient, my dear. You will become taller than me when you reach my age. It’s no time to worry about your height. There are other things in life, like being alert to predators, and learning to run fast, which are very important for a giraffe.

Look at your father, how tall he is. Even lions or leopards will keep a safe distance from him. They won’t dare to attack him. Do you know why? Your father can kick them away with his legs. So when your father is around, we have no worries about the predators,” said the mother giraffe.

“Now, I feel confident about being a giraffe, mother,” said the young giraffe.

““We should thank our God, the wonderful creator, for giving us such precious possessions! 

The young giraffe was happy, proud of being a giraffe, and started playing with other giraffe kids.

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