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The Deer And The Bird

Hey, Why Are You Hiding Here?

“Hey friend,  why are you hiding here?” the bird asked the deer who was trying to hide. “The lion is hunting me down, he is somewhere near looking for me. I hope that he will not see me,” the deer said. “Don’t worry, I will fly around to locate the lion. If I spot the lion, I will signal you and I will fly in the opposite direction. You should follow me,” the bird said.

“We sing songs in the sky, dance, and even try acrobatics!”

The bird flew above the forest, located the lion. The lion was desperately searching for the deer. The bird signaled the deer by making a special sound and flew in the opposite direction where the lion was moving. The deer followed the bird by running as fast as she could, made herself safe, far away from the cruel lion. “You saved my life from that cruel lion, let’s be friends,” the deer said. “Ok, we are friends now,” the bird said.

Curious about the bird, the deer wanted to know more about him.  “I fly a lot of distance every day and got to see many things under the sun. We birds, normally fly in groups, it’s a lot of fun in the sky. We sing songs in the sky, dance, and even try acrobatics. Soon my other friends will be here. Later today, we are leaving to another place as a part of our migration process,” she said. Hearing that, the deer was sad. Are you saying that you are going to leave this place forever?” the deer asked. Yes, my dear. Soon the winter will start and if we stay here during the winter, we are dead. So we must leave this place at least by the end of today,” the bird said.

Soon the other birds arrived. The deer accompanied them to the lake. Birds enjoyed fishing. Later that evening, it was time for the birds to bid farewell. The birds, one by one went up in the air. The last one to go up in the air was the bird who helped the deer. “Hello friend, I am going. Hope to meet you when I return,” the bird said flapped his wings, and flew away. The deer stood there looking up in the sky for some time and went to his family to tell them how the bird helped him.

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