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Bear And The Elephant

Hey Dude, What's Up?

“What brings you here dude? I have never seen you before,” the elephant was curious about the bear’s visit to that place. “Oh, I was just wandering here and there, glad to meet you,” the bear didn’t show any interest in revealing more about himself or about his visit. So the elephant ignored the bear and went his way to the meadows to find something to eat. After some time, the elephant heard a big sound followed by a loud cry. “Somebody needs my help, I should help,” the elephant rushed to the location where he heard the sound. He saw the bear fallen from a big tree crying in pain.

“Hey, what happened to you? Why did you climb that tree? It has got a slippery surface after yesterday’s rain” the elephant said. This time the bear told him about what he was doing there. “See dude, we bear love honey very much, and would do anything to grab a honeycomb, even when we spot it on a high tree,” the bear said. “I will help you to get that honeycomb,” said the elephant and raised his long trunk and grabbed the honeycomb and gave that to the bear. “Next time don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need help,” said the elephant.

“Wow, I can’t believe it. This honey tastes better than anything I have so far tasted. Thanks for your help in getting me the honeycomb and your great advice. Next time I will seek help when I need it,” said the bear.

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