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Helpful Elephant Helping A Bunny

Why are you crying baby?

The baby bunny who lost its track was crying for help. A fox was watching the bunny curiously. “Um, I think I got a good lunch today. Let me pretend that I am helping her,” the cunning fox planned to trap the bunny. Suddenly, an elephant appeared. So, the fox couldn’t move forward. He waited till the elephant was gone.

“Something wrong?” asked the helpful elephant.

“Yes, I lost track of my home. My mother would be worried if she couldn’t find me. Can you please help me reach home?” requested the baby bunny. The fox couldn’t suppress its anger. “If this elephant helps the bunny, I will not get the bunny,” thought the fox. So, he had an idea.

“Hey, Mr. Elephant, I know this bunny’s mother. Don’t worry. I will help this bunny reach his mother,” said the fox. The elephant knew that it was a trick by the fox to eat the bunny. So, what does the elephant do? He grabbed the elephant and hurled the fox into the air.

“Now, don’t worry, baby. I’ll help you out. That fox was trying to cheat you,” said the elephant. He carried the bunny on its trunk and walked to its home. “When I was a baby, I too lost track. I started crying like you and then a small bird helped me to reach my mother,” said the elephant consoling the baby rabbit.

The bunny’s mother was happy to get her child back and thanked the elephant for the timely help.



compassionate elephant doing good things

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