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Good Friends Take Risks to Save Their Friends

Mr. Lion, I am here to save my bunny friend

“Stop there,” the giraffe shouted at the lion.

The lion chasing the rabbit came to an immediate halt when it saw a giraffe on the way. The giraffe was watching the lion chasing his bunny friend. He decided to save his dear friend by risking his own life.

“How dare you are to stop me from hunting?” the lion roared in anger.

Being A Good Friend

“A good friend is the one who risks his own life to rescue his friend. I am standing here before you to save my dear friend,” said the giraffe and kicked the lion with its long leg. That strong kick threw the lion a few meters away. The giraffe kick was so strong that the lion cried out in pain.

Time to Run!

“Get on my back. We have to leave this place immediately. Other lions will come at any time and attack us, ” the giraffe said to the rabbit. The rabbit jumped upon the giraffe. Giraffe ran as fast as it could. Thanks to the giraffe’s long legs, they escaped from the lion’s territory to a faraway place.

The rabbit thanked the giraffe for risking its own life to save him. “No problem, my dear friend. I don’t want to lose a good friend like you,” said the giraffe.

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