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Learning A Hard Lesson In Skiing

Wow, You Are Doing Wonderful!

One day, as usual, the skier rabbit was skiing from the top of a snowy mountain. A cat was looking at the rabbit. “I just can’t believe it, how fast that rabbit is skiing. I think he got some magic ski. I must get it from him at any cost,” thought the bad cat.

“Hey, how did you learn to ski? Is it easy?” asked the cat.

“I learned to ski, out of a good reason. Because this helps me to outsmart foxes or any other predators. One day, a fox in his ski followed me, but he couldn’t get even near to me,” said the rabbit.

“I think I also should learn to ski. Can you please teach me?” asked the cat.

“Why not? I will teach you,” said the rabbit.

But the cat had a bad intention to get away with the rabbit’s skiing equipment. So, the cat pretended to be a curious learner. After several attempts, the cat learned how to ski.

“Ok, now let me try going to the valley,” said the cat.

“Of course. Come back soon, as it is getting late in the evening. I want to go home before it’s night,” said the rabbit.

The cat took the ski and started off with confidence. The cunning cat laughed inside in heart. “You fool rabbit, you will not see your ski pad again in your life,” he shouted to the rabbit and took off.

The cat was going fast down the valley. The rabbit started crying, but there was nobody to listen to him. The cat went down quickly. There was a rock on its way. The cat, in his excitement, didn’t take notice of a big rock that way lying on its way. The cat hit the rock at its full speed.

“Hey, Mr. Cat, I am sorry. I forgot to warn you about the rock on your way. Because you went so quick,” said the rabbit who was running after the cat. The cat was crying in pain. The rabbit took his ski and went home.

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