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Crane And The Sea Turtle At The Seashore

What made you come here?

The crane is at the seashore. The crane flew from a faraway place landed on that seashore only a few moments ago. It saw a sea turtle on the seashore. For the crane, the speed of the turtle was something unacceptable.

“Hey, why are you so slow to move? Do you have a problem with your legs? Do you need any help from me?” the concerned crane asked.

“No, mam, my legs are perfectly alright, but I can move only at this speed. You know, turtles are slow to walk. But under the sea, we are fast with our wing-like hands,” said the turtle.

“Then why are you here?” asked the curious crane.

“I have come to the seashore to lay my eggs and will go back,” said the turtle.

“Oh, I see. If you go back, who will look after the just born babies?” asked the crane.

“That’s no problem. When my babies come out of their eggs, they will find their way to the sea, and I will meet them there,” said the sea turtle.

“That’s very interesting. Anyway, all the best for your egg-laying ceremony,” said the crane.

The tortoise went to a secluded place and dug a hole in the sand. Then the turtle laid eggs in that hole. After that, the tortoise went to the sea. The crane flew to a tree to take some rest, watching the tortoise going back to the sea slowly and steadily.

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