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My Best Possession

See My Long Trunk!

Listen to this little elephant as he explains the benefits of having a long trunk.

Hello kids, how are you? Hope you all are safe. Somebody asked me why elephants have long run. Let me explain the benefits of our long trunk.

We elephants have got a long trunk, without which an elephant is not an elephant. My long trunk helps me to drag things from a distance without even moving my body. It comes in handy when I try to pluck fruits from high trees. My long trunk is my best possession. It provides me a greater degree of self-confidence.

Our trunk is our best weapon against lions and tigers. When I grow up, I can use my trunk to fight against lions and leopards. Have you ever seen an elephant fighting with lions? I have seen my father fighting with lions and other animals. One day, a cruel lion came to attack us. But my father was brave. In a fierce fight with a lion, my father grabbed the lion with his trunk and threw the lion away. That made the lion run away from us, and we were safe.

Last but not least, when we go for a bath, we simply suck water from the river and shower it upon our body using our trunk.

My trunk is my beloved possession. Nobody can snatch it away from me.

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