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Flying Dog And The Elephant

elephant and the dog in a hot air balloon
Please, Please, Help Me!

The elephant who was in the lake to drink some water saw something moving in the water. The curious elephant stopped drinking water and stared at it.

“Hey, there, please help me!” the elephant heard a dog scream from the sky. It was a dog flying in a hot air balloon. The funny dog was screaming for help, wanted the elephant’s help to bring the hot air balloon down.

The Rescue Operation

The elephant ran after the balloon, climbed to the mountain that was in the balloon’s direction. The elephant raised its trunk and pulled the hot air balloon down. But every time, the elephant lost its grip, and the balloon would fly up. After several attempts, the elephant was able to bring the balloon down.

“Wow, you made it. Thanks a lot for your help,” said the dog. He was very much relieved getting down from the balloon basket.

“Hey, Mr. Dog, why did you fly in that? The curious elephant asked.

“Oh, it’s a mistake on my side. I should not have attempted that. I saw a balloon tied to the ground. I wanted to find that it had something to eat inside its basket. So I jumped into the basket that was tied to the balloon. My guessing was right. There was some food to eat. From overeating, I started sleeping. When I opened my eyes, I found that I am flying,” said the dog.