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Happy Elephant And The Parrot

parrot and the elephant talking cartoon
What Song You Are Singing?

One More Reason To Be Happy!

One day, the elephant was wandering in the forest, met a cute little green parrot.

“You are singing sweet. Which song are you singing?” asked the elephant.

“I am singing a song praising god. You should thank god for the all rich blessings he is showering upon us. God has made everything right for us,” said the bird.

“God created us out of love!”

“Who’s God?” the curious elephant asked.

“God is almighty, he created everything that we see and experience today. Even you and I are made by God,” said the parrot.

“Oh, that’s good to know. But why did he create us?” asked the elephant.

“The answer is simple. God created us out of his love to us. He wants all of us to be happy living in this planet,” said the parrot.

Thank you very much for telling me about God. Now I have another reason to be happy because I learned about god,” said the elephant.

The parrot smiled at the happy elephant as he walked away to the nearby lake.