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First Swimming Lesson Of An Elephant

I'll Teach You To Swim

One day an elephant came to a river to drink some water. “Want to swim like us,” a fish asked the elephant. Elephant got excited to hear that and want to know more. “Yes, I want to swim. can you help me?” the elephant asked the fish.

“Ok, it’s very simple. First you step into the water, once you are completely in the water, start swimming with your tail slowly padding to the left and right, let me show you,” the fish said. “But I don’t have a tail as you have, but let me try, and see if I could swim moving my legs. I got four legs, I think it will help you to stay afloat on the water,” the elephant said and got into the water.

The elephant stepped into the water. But it was not easy as he first thought. He started drowning, as there was a strong undercurrent in the water that dragged the elephant. He was struggling to keep himself afloat on the water, but he couldn’t.

Finally, only his trunk was up in the water, and the rest of the body was under the water. He thought he was going to die. So with all his strength, he started moving all his four legs up and down. It was his first swimming lesson, and he could keep himself afloat. “At last, I am swimming, I am swimming like a fish.” the excited elephant cried loudly. From that day, the elephant was swimming every day.

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