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Love It Raining All Day

Rain, Rain come again!

As a baby elephant, I love it raining. It brings a lot of freshness into our lives. The rainy day is a great time to enjoy nature, a time for rest and play. Sometimes, it’s just a sprinkling, and sometimes it is heavy raining. But I fear thunderstorms, the lightning, and the sound of thunder frightens me. Do you love thunderstorms?

After a hot summer, the monsoon comes with it a lot of rain. It’s a great relief for all animals like me. Summer has made rivers and lakes out of water. We had to cover a long distance in search of water. But for the next few months, the rains will load water into the rivers and lakes.  All animals, lions, tigers, rhinos, everybody is happy to get their first shower.

My grandpa says that it was a lot different in his young days, where heavy rain causes the rivers in the forest to flooded. During monsoon, even we elephants were afraid to go out because of the fear of being drowned in the flooding waters, he says.

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