Water Droplet Story

“Ah, It was a long journey. At last reached home.”

Hi there, Let me introduce first. I am a water droplet fallen from the sky. Good to see you again. I reached the ground a short while ago. It was a long journey from the cloudy sky to your place. I am here on earth, to stay for some time until I get evaporated to become the part of a cloud again.

From here, I will be flowing to a small stream, and then to a river and finally will reach the sea. I have a lot of stuff to do during my stay here on the earth. Watering the plants, quench the thirsty ones, help people to wash their clothes, etc. etc.You can see, I am an all-rounder. I love my job, I am free to flow anywhere I love to go.

After some time, I will depart to the sky as an evaporate and stay there for some time waiting for the next rainy season. Hope you loved my story. See you again. Bye for now.

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