Getting Rid Of That Silly Cat


getting rid of a cat

Are they trying to get rid of me? No way, I am not going anywhere.

The little boy and girl are chalking out a detailed plan to get rid of the cat. The cat has become a nuisance for them because he is creating problems. Moreover, it’s hard to train him because of his arrogant nature. But they know that getting rid of a silly cat is not easy. It’s their third attempt. All they want is the cat should not come back. But the cat is too smart, and knows that he is being abandoned, but determined to come back soon.

How do they come back? Do they have a built-in GPS like that of migratory birds? The cats are smarter in tracing their location back. They have a sixth sense built into their brains to reach back their home even from a faraway place. Sometimes, they walk miles to reach their homes without any guidance.

What is your experience in getting rid of your cat?

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