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Something Is Cooking Up!

Wow, It's a big fish, I can't control myself!

Yes, my intuition is always right. Something that needs my immediate attention is cooking up in that house. Time is running out. I must do something immediately to save the situation.

Hi Kids, you are absolutely wrong thinking who I am, I am not the silly cat you think I am. I am a cat detective, who is always on the lookout of something suspicious. I love my job as it gives me a lot of freedom, to peep into other’s lives at a closer distance.

I find a doubtful object there. It’s a big fish that the lady of the house is cooking in the kitchen. I love fish, like any other cats do. Ah, this powerful binocular is a fantastic tool, which brings things closer to me. It helps me to get things investigated, comes handy to do a job perfectly.

Wow, I can’t control myself. It’s time for a great fish lunch, here I go. I hope to have a great lunch today if everything I planned goes smoothly. What do you think about a smart cat like me?

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