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Bird And The Tortoise

Make It Fast Baby!

A bird saw a tortoize moving slowly. The bird thought the tortoise needs to move faster. So he flew down from the tree and went near the tortoize to advise him. “Hey, Mr. Tortoize, you are walking slow. You should walk faster to escape your enemies,” the bird said to the tortoise. The tortoise didn’t say anything to the bird but just smiled at the bird. But then he just vanished.

The bird couldn’t understand what was just happened nor he could find where the tortoise went vanished. He was taken aback by the sudden disappearance of the tortoize and flew to the tree branch and cried loudly.

“Don’t worry, my dear friend. It’s an old trick we tortoises do to escape from the wild predators around us. Our shell is a gift from God, strong enough to protect us from our enemies. If we feel we are being tracked, we do this trick, and no predators can understand where we went hiding. So, why should I need speed?” the tortoize said smilingly at the bird.

“I am sorry my dear friend, you are smart, very smart!” the bird admired the tortoise’s vanishing skills and stopped advised anybody of their weakness.

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