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Elephant And The Bird

Come, we have a long way to go!

The bird was the best friend of the elephant. Every day they meet each other share their stories about things around them. Elephant wanted to hear the stories about places he has never been to. The bird was a great storyteller too, would tell amazing stories about the places she has been to.

One day, the elephant fell ill. So the bird took him to the doctor. The monkey doctor prescribed a special medicine, the leaf of a rare tree. But there is a problem. The tree is far away from their place. So the bird and the elephant decided to go for a trip to find out the place where the tree is growing.

True love knows no bounds!

One fine morning, they started their journey to find out the tree. The bird would fly ahead to make sure that everything is clear on the way, and wait for the elephant. After several hours of travel, they reached the place where the tree was growing. The elephant was happy. He ate the leaves as much as he could. Now he was feeling better, but decided to go back home the next day and started resting under the tree. So the bird also was sleeping on the top of the tree.

The next day, they started their journey back. The elephant was feeling a lot better. Both the bird and elephant reached home safe and sound. The elephant thanked the bird a lot for the effort he took to accompany him to find out the medicine. You know, true friends are like that, they come forward taking the pain to help a friend. That’s true love!

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