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It's My Own House

Wow, Nice House!

Walking on the way, the elephant saw a cat. The cat was lying in front of a house. “Hey, Mr. cat it’s a beautiful house, do you live here? the elephant asked him admiring the house. “Yes, it’s my house,” the cat proudly replied. “You have got a nice house, can I come inside?” the elephant asked. “Ha, Ha, Ha…,” the cat laughed.

“How can you, an elephant come inside with our huge body. Sorry, you can’t come inside to my house,” the cat still laughing said.  The cat also said that only cats get to stay in such nice houses, and the elephants have to stay outside. The elephant was sad, and he walked away silently.

Just then the elephant heard a cat cry from behind. Looking back, he saw the running cat followed by a crazy man who was throwing stones at the cat. The man was yelling at the running cat, blaming it for stealing things from his kitchen.

The crazy man saw the elephant. He stopped running after the cat and went back. The cat was hiding inside a bush. “I am sorry Mr. elephant, that was not my house. Being a countryside cat, I also don’t have a house that I can call home! I should not have that rude to you,” the cat said.  “It’s ok, Mr. cat, let’s become friends then,” said the elephant. So the cat and the elephant became friends from that day onwards.

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