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Sixth Sense Of The Frog

I am too comfortable in the water!

One fine morning a tortoise saw a hippo in the river. He asked why he is always in the water. “This hot summer is driving me crazy.  Until this summer is over and the rains come after the summer, I will spend my time in the water,” the hippo said.

“Hippo, you are in luck, it is going to rain today itself,” a frog who was there said to the hippo. Hippo was annoyed by the frog’s prediction about the rain. “It’s a hot summer, and you silly frog says it will rain? no chance. Let’s make a bet, if it rains today, I will take you for a ride on my back, or else you frog has to take me for a ride on your back,” the hippo said. The frog readily accepted the bet. He was pretty sure that it would be raining soon because a frog has got a sixth sense to know when it would be raining.

So the three animals, the hippo, frog, and the tortoise were in the river waiting for the rain. Soon there was a cold wind, followed by a thunderstorm and heavy downpour. The frog cried and danced with joy because his prediction about the rain has come true. The frog won the bet and got a free ride on the back of a hippo. Hippo was happy because it rained. The tortoise was happy because both of his friends are happy.

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