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Caught Him Redhanded

You Scoundrel, I Will Not Leave You!

I’ve been waiting for this day, as a dutiful cat, I have to catch the rats. It’s my job. But these rats are very cunning and fools me playing nasty tricks on me that made me angry with these rodents. These rats are pretty fast in running. The moment you jump, he disappears. After days of preparation and planning, finally, I caught him red-handed. 

Yesterday, the whole night, I was waiting for him to come out of his hole. It was around midnight, I saw two shining red lights. It was the eyes of the rat in the dark. I didn’t move, as I wanted him to come out of his hole completely. If I act early, I will miss the target because he will go back to his hole, which is too small for me to enter. The moment he came out, I jumped upon him and caught him. He pleaded his innocence, saying that it’s his friends stealing food, and not him. I know that it is another nasty trick he is playing with me to escape.

As you can see, he has become pretty fat, eating the stolen food from the kitchen. Let me think about what to do with him. What do you think?

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