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Chugging All The Way

Puffing All My Way, A Train Memoir

I am an old little steam engine, they call me little monster, but I am just a humble old steam engine. I still running tirelessly up and down the countryside everyday helping people and goods reach their destination.

Puffing dark smoke to the sky, running through the mountains, I earned a name for my self. Kids started calling me “Smoky”. Kids love me seeing puffing all my way, run after me to get a glimpse of my passage. I love the beautiful countryside, it’s so clean and pure, quite different from the madding crowd of the cities. I always wonder why all these trees are going back, when I run forward?

I see the cows grazing in the meadows, the green grass and the colorful birds singing, kids waving at me. Wonderful days are here for me, the spring break is giving me a lot of reasons to enjoy.

It is so many years I have been running tirelessly.  Have you ever spot me running? Let me know. Your puffing friend.

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