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Lazy Duck And The Tortoise

I am leaving this place, see you later my friend.

He was a lazy duck, and the tortoise was hardworking. Lazy duck always complained about many things.  One day, the lazy duck was talking to the tortoise about the food he ate. “It was a horrible food I ever ate in my life,” the bird complained. “Why what happened?” the tortoise asked. “I ate some stale fish, and it tasted not good.  I am leaving this place for a better place. Tomorrow you won’t see me here,” the duck said. The tortoise was sad, even though the duck was a lazy chap, they were good friends. Good friends are like that they can’t think of separation. He tried to plead the duck not to go. But the lazy duck had made up his mind to settle down in a better place. Actually, the place he had in mind was a place far far away.

So the next day, duck started off with his journey. He swam miles and miles until he reached a fantastic new place. Everything looked perfect, not like the place he left. So, he was happy to find the new place and settled down there.  A few days have passed, he felt something wrong with that place, but he dismissed his thought as just a bad dream. One day, some hunters came there. They started hunting for the animals, they hunted many small animals. The duck was hiding behind a rock, so the hunters couldn’t see him. He had a very narrow escape.

The very next day, the lazy duck swam back to his old place. Finally, he reached his old place. The tortoise was sitting lonely thinking about his friend. He heard the “quack, quack” sound, and saw the duck was coming back. Both the animals were happy. The duck told the tortoise about the narrow escape he had from the hunters. He said he will never even think about leaving that place and his dear friend tortoise.

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