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Take Me For A Ride

An Elephant Ride Is Cool!

Mr. Lion, I have a problem. My friends are not treating me well. I am not tall like them, so whenever they see me, they are laughing at me. Will you do me a favor? If you come with me, I hope they will respect me for our friendship,” the elephant shared his problem with the lion. “Don’t worry, I will help you out,” said the lion and he jumped up on the elephant’s back.

The elephant took him to his friends. The lion enjoyed the elephant ride. When other elephants saw the lion coming on the top of an elephant were panicked and ran away. The elephant laughed, the lion also laughed. “Thank you, my dear friend. You made me respectful in my community. Now, will you please get down,” said the elephant.

“No, I feel so comfortable traveling on your back. I won’t leave you. From now onwards, you are my slave, and you should take me wherever I wish to go,” said the lion. The elephant understood that he is in deep trouble. What else he can do other than obeying the lion’s commands. He cursed himself for seeking the lion’s help and walked around carrying the lion on his back.

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