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Wolf And The Dog

Hi, May I Have Your Attention?

It was a winter morning, snowing all time. The dog was roaming around the house to make sure that everything is alright. His master’s children are sleeping inside the house.It was his duty to protect the kids from dangers. So he has to make sure that they are safe. Suddenly he saw a wolf standing just before him. The wolf was strong and the dog well knew that if he barks, things will not be as expected.

Because his master was not in the house, his barking won’t help, and the wolf can easily overpower him. “I must do something right away with proper planning,” the dog said to himself. He watched the wolf from a distance to understand his actual intention. The wolf was looking at the rooster. “Um, he must be targeting the rooster to hunt him down.” 

rooster“Hello Mr. Worlf, good to see you here. You are our guest. Please let me know how can I help you?” the dog extended his courtesy. “Hey, silly dog, I don’t need any of your help. I am coming from the wild. I just wanted to see how things are here. Things are looking pretty good here. I think, I will come here every day,” said the wolf. “Oh, sure, you can come,” the dog said. But there is a problem,” the dog said. What is your problem?” asked the wolf. Last time a wolf came here and he tried to catch a rooster. But later the wolf was found dead the same you are standing,” said the dog.

“Ah, you are trying to scare me,” the wolf got angry with the dog. Now I will tell you the truth. I have come here to catch a rooster. It’s my favorite food,” the wolf said. “Ok, do it at your own risk,” said the dog. The wolf jumped at the rooster, at the same time the dog started barking. Hearing the dog barking, the rooster got alert and started running. Wolf also started running, and the dog also running after the wolf. The rooster flew to the rooftop.

The wolf also tried to jump to the roof, but he couldn’t. He again tried. Whenever he tried, the dog appeared and would catch the wolf’s tail and the wolf will fall. Every time this happened. The wolf couldn’t understand what is going wrong. When the wolf looked around he didn’t see anybody. This time, the wolf got scared and remembered what the dog had said earlier to him about another wolf dead. So he ran away to the forest. The rooster was happy and thanked the dog for the timely help.

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