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The Cat On The Rooftop

Lost My Way!

The countryside cat was living near a forest.  Occasionally he received strange visitors from the forest. But the only animal the cat is afraid of is the bear.  Last time, it had a narrow escape from the hands of a grizzly bear. He doesn’t know what provoked the bear to attack him.

It was a fine spring morning, everything looked so fresh and fine. Flowers, butterflies, and birds singing everywhere. He was walking around the house. Suddenly, he noticed a movement in the bush. Without waiting to see who’s there, he climbed fast onto the rooftop. From there he looked under. He was expecting a bear, but what he saw made him calm. It was a young deer jumping around.

Hey, happy to see you, what made you visit this place?” asked the curious cat from the rooftop. “Oh, I was following a beautiful butterfly and reached here. Now I don’t know how to go back to the forest where I have come from. Can you please help me?” requested the deer.

“No problem, I’ll help you out,” said the cat. He came down from the rooftop and showed the deer the way to the forest. The deer was happy and invited the cat to her home. The cat was well received by the deer family. The cat enjoyed the company of deer. Everybody thanked him for the help he did for the young deer to get back home. “Oops, it is getting darker, I must return now,” said the cat and he started off to his home. e

On its way, the cat was blocked by the grizzly bear. “How dare you are to cross my territory,” the bear said angrily. “I am sorry, I didn’t know this is your territory. I thought this territory belongs to him,” the cat pointed in another direction. The moment bear turned its head, the cat started running and escaped the grizzly bear.

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