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Deer And The Butterfly

You look stunningly beautiful in that new dress!

The deer eating grass saw a blue butterfly. It was such a beautiful one, the deer couldn’t take his eyes away from it. The butterfly asked the deer why he is staring at her. “Oh, I am not staring, but just admiring your beauty. You look stunningly beautiful in that blue dress. Where did you get it?” the deer said.

When I was born as a kind of worm, a caterpillar

The blue butterfly laughed. “No, my dear deer, you’re mistaken. It’s not my dress, it’s the design god gifted me. But if you had seen me in my birth suit, you would not have admired me.” “Why so? Weren’t you beautiful at that time,” the curious deer asked.

“When I was born, I was a sort of worm, a caterpillar. Then, slowly I got myself transformed into a beautiful butterfly over some time. It’s a great process that every butterfly has to go through in its life,” the butterfly said. “Ah that explains your beauty, I got some new information today. Thanks for sharing your beautiful story with me,” the deer said and walked away to his home to tell his friends the story of a beautiful butterfly.

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