Giraffe And The Honeybee, A New Lesson Learned

Giraffe girl in the zoo was sleeping after a heavy lunch. Suddenly a roaring sound woke her up. She opened one of her eyelids to see who’s making the strange sound. She saw a little bee, who was making rounds to collect honey from the flowers and take it home.

“Why are you working so hard, I am advising you to take some rest honeybee. Look at me, I am having a nice sleep, I don’t worry about food or anything,” the giraffe said.

“Your life so secured in the zoo. You have plenty of stuff to eat, and zoo workers are looking after you like a VIP. But look at us, we have to work round the clock to feed our family. We have a big family on the top of that tree. If we fail to do our duty in time, our family will be dead.” the bee replied. 

It was new learning for the Giraffe girl, not everybody like her. “I am enjoying all the comfort here in the zoo, while other animals are working hard for their survival,” she thought. She took a vow that day that she will not advise anybody comparing her with others.

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