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Brave And Foolish, A Lion Story

You are being hunted, Mr.Lion

“You are being hunted, Mr.Lion, I just wanted you to know the lion hunters are here, they are on their way to catch you. You have only a few minutes to escape by running away from this place,” the elephant warned the lion. They heard the sound of drumbeats from a distance by the lion hunters.

“What do you think of me? A coward? I am a brave lion, and I don’t fear anybody. I am not going anywhere. If somebody tries to catch me, I will jump upon him and kill him,” the arrogant lion said to the elephant.  The elephant ran away to save himself from the hunters leaving the Lion..

The drumbeats came louder and louder, the lion was shocked to find himself surrounded by the hunters. Now, the lion started trembling with fear, but it was too late for him to escape the hunters. “Only if I had listened to the elephant,” thought the lion. Hunters caught the foolish lion easily.

If the lion had listened to the elephant who tried to help him, he could have saved himself from the hunters by running away. Instead, he wanted to show he was a brave lion before the elephant and wasted precious time to escape.

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