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Elephant And The Train

Move Back, Move Back!

The elephant was always fascinated by the moving train but never had an opportunity to talk to the train. One day, he asked the train to stop. The train stopped just a few meters away from the elephant. The elephant was happy to get a close-up view of that fascinating machine that spits smoke.

“Hey, Mr. Elephant, you just escaped getting a hit from me. Do you know how dangerous it to stand on the rail, especially when a train is moving? You are lucky that I was slow or else, I would have run over you,” said the train. The poor elephant got frightened by the loud noise train produced when applied its brakes.

“I am very sorry, Mr. Train. I will not do this again in my life and thank you so much for stopping for me and saving my life! Please let me go home,” said the elephant as he disappeared into the forest.

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