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Snake Taught Them To Fly

Here He Comes!

Two cute little bird brothers were living on a big tree. Every day their mother will go out to find food for the family. The little ones appreciated their hardworking mother. Because of her, the two little ones were never hungry. Only one thing they disliked about their mother was her advice. “Hey you should learn how to fly,” the mother always tells her sons. But the birds, never listen to her and found themselves lazy.

One day, the two birds were alone in the nest, as usual, their mother was out for food. They heard a strange noise. What they saw made them freeze with fear.  They saw a yellow snake climbing the tree, slowly reaching them. “Hey bro, that snake is coming to us, we have to do something immediately,” said one little bird.

“Let’s jump out,” one of the birds jumped from the tree, and the other one followed. “Hey, we are falling, lets flip-flap our wings,” and the birds started flying. “Hey, snake, thanks for teaching us how to fly,” the birds said. The fooled snake went back to his home. When their mother came back, she was happy to see her two sons flying.

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