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Cow And The Bunny

rabbit and the cow
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One day the cow had a strange visitor. He was a bunny. The bunny was jumping around. “Hey Mr. Bunny, why are you jumping around,” asked the cow. “I am not jumping, I am walking around, I walk like this, hope I am not disturbing you,” said the rabbit.

“No, no, Mr. Bunny, you look so handsome in this new dress. Are you going for a party?” asked the cow. “No, Mr. Cow, I am paying a visit to my grandma who’s residing at the other end of the village,” said the bunny. “Ok, take some rest here, and you go,” the cow invited the bunny to spend some time with her. Both had a chat over things around them. “It was nice talking to you, Mr. Bunny,” said the cow. The rabbit continued his journey to his grandma.

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