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Monkey And The Cow

Let's Be Friends!

The monkey came down from the tree to meet the cow grazing in the meadows. “Hello, Ms. I am a monkey over that tree. How are you doing today?” the monkey introduced himself to the cow. “Oh, I am fine, thank you. What made you come down?” asked the cow.

I saw you from the tree, just wanted to befriend you and a short chit chat,” said the monkey. “Why not? It’s good that I got a friend like you. You are intelligent and clever, and we cows need help from you guys like you. You are lucky, I have seen you jump from one tree to another. Won’t you get injured when you do that?” asked the cow.

“No, when we jump from one tree to another our tail is doing a great job in balancing us in the air. Without our tail, we can’t do anything,” said the monkey. Our precious tail helps me to hang from the tree and do a lot of circuses in the air,” said the monkey. Their friendship grew day by day and they became good friends for the rest of their life, helping each other.

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