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Shall We Go Now?

tiger and the cow
Come Baby, Let's Go!

The tiger who came to the village saw a cow grazing in the meadows. He tip-toed towards the cow. The cow, who was unaware of the tiger’s presence was enjoying the sweet grass. Hey, why the birds are flying, she looked around. What she saw frightened her. She was frozen with fear, the tiger was staring at the cow.

“If you come with me, I’ll show you a place where you can have delicious grass better than the grass on this meadow.

“Hey friend, no need to fear, I am here on a friendly visit,” said the tiger. But he was just being cautious about village folks. If they come to know that there is a tiger in the village, he will be finished. The cunning tiger wanted to lure the cow to the forest so that he can hunt her easily. “If you come with me, I’ll show you a place where you can have delicious grass better than the grass on this meadow. You will dance with joy! I am inviting you to my home, shall we go now?” the tiger asked extended his warm invitation.

The cow couldn’t believe her ears. Here is a tiger, talking politely. The cow had heard dreadful stories about tigers hunting cows in the village, but this tiger is different.

At the same time, the cow remembered her mother taught her about the importance of having second thoughts before taking any decision. She thought about the tiger’s invitation. Why he is too much concerned about me?  Oh, now I got it, it must be his trick to trap me.

“Mr. Tiger, thanks for your invitation. But I am satisfied here, so I am sorry to say that I am not coming with you. You may please leave this place at once, or I will cry and village folks will come. After that, I can’t guarantee what will happen to you,” the cow said. The tiger found his plans were foiled and disappeared into the forest.

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