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Let's Go!

Monkey And The Elephant

The Banana Adventure

“Can you travel on the back of an elephant?” the monkey was challenged by his friends. He readily accepted the challenge of an elephant back ride. He was confident that he could easily convince an elephant for a ride. So the monkey and his friends waited for an elephant to come.

“Sh, Sh, here comes an elephant. Let me try my skill over him,” said the monkey.

When the elephant came near the tree where monkeys were sitting, the monkey who took the challenge asked the elephant where he was going. The elephant said that he was going to find something to eat.

“I know a place where you will get plenty of bananas. Do you want to go there?” the monkey asked.

“Of course, I love bananas. Will you please take me to the banana plantation?” the elephant requested the monkey.

“Why not? Can I sit on your back to give you directions to the plantation?” the monkey asked.

“Yes, of course! Please jump on,” said the elephant. The monkey sat on the elephant’s back. Other monkeys saw how effortlessly the monkey secured a place on the back of an elephant. Both elephant and the monkey went to the banana plantation.

After walking for a long time, they reached the banana plantation. The plantation was a big one. Several people were loading bananas onto trucks.

“Here you are, try your luck,” said the money, and the monkey vanished into the forest jumping from one tree to another. Back home, the monkey’s friends praised his smartness and declared him winning the elephant back ride challenge. They made the monkey their king.

The elephant tried to enter the plantation, but people scared the elephant and made him leave the plantation. The elephant had to return without any bananas, angry at the monkey. The elephant was back at the monkey’s place, angry at the monkey.

“You fooled my scoundrel,” said the elephant.

“Hey, friend, cool down. I said I will show you where you’ll get bananas, and I kept my promise and took you to the plantation. It was your job to get the bananas. I don’t know what happened to you on the plantation.

Here is a piece of advice. Don’t just go by an offer. Think about it, and ask questions to learn more about it. That way, you will be saved from such an awkward situation,” said the monkey.

The elephant nodded his head in agreement and went home.