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Monkey And The Elephant

monkey and the elephant cartoon
Let's Go!

“Can you travel on the back of an elephant?” the monkey, faced a tough challenge from his friends. He readily accepted the challenge, because he knew that it was easy to convince an elephant. So he waited for the elephant to come. “Sh, sh, here comes an elephant, let me try his first,” said the monkey. All other monkeys went hiding and were eager to see what happens next.

The monkey asked the elephant where he is going. The elephant said he is going to find something to eat. “I know a place where can get plenty of bananas to eat. Would you like to go there?” the monkey asked. “Of course, I love bananas, can you please take me there?” the elephant requested the monkey. “Why not, can I sit on your back, and I will give you directions,” the monkey said. “Yes of course, please jump on,” said the elephant. The monkey sat on the elephant’s back and both went to the banana plantation and the monkey won the challenge.

Both monkey and the elephant reached the banana plantation. It was a big plantation with several people working there. “Here you are, try your luck,” said the money, and he vanished into the forest jumping from one tree to another. The elephant tried to enter the plantation, but people scared the elephant and made him leave the plantation. So the elephant had to return without any bananas angry at the monkey. “I said, I will show you where you’ll get bananas, and I showed you the place. Then why are you getting angry?” he asked. The elephant had no answer.

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